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Book Club

Dive deep into the beautiful discussions and wisdom of Bhakti Yoga


Ancient Wisdom

Explore with us over 5000 years old teachings and wisdom from Bhagavad Gita 


Children School

Gift your children with lasting friendships in spiritual atmosphere

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Mantra Music

Immerse yourself into the sounds of sweet meditating chants


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Shivam Sharma, Virginia Tech Student

I always had doubts in my mind regarding physiological aspects of life like what happens after death ? are we more than just a lump of matter ? etc. Though I found few answers to such questions I never got complete intellectual satisfaction and had a lot of follow-up questions. Here at ISKCON Richmond, I found my questions were properly addressed. For the first time I got intellectually satisfying answers to my questions about life and I got answers to even deeper questions I would not have ever thought!

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Harsh Pandya, Product Manager

ISKCON Richmond has been extremely warm and welcoming to me. Beautiful wisdom of spirituality and Bhakti Yoga, loving people, meditation, and deliciously satisfying food is how I can describe ISKCON of Richmond. This community has been a recharge to my spiritual growth.

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Syamala Gopika, Homemaker

I can't express how much my life has changed after coming to ISKCON. This movement gave my life actual meaning, gave me a new perspective of the world, and most importantly, it offered me true love and many loving families. I had a lot of questions before I got here, but now they're all addressed, and ISKCON of Richmond played a big part in that. I am grateful to ISKCON of Richmond for the love, care, affection, and compassion I have received here. Finally, I am honored to be a member of this lovely group that has aided me in living a happy bhakti-yoga life.


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